Day Trader AH Investment Plan

Tailored To Satisfy Your Needs

Don’t have time to trade personally?

Losing money in stock market due to fear and greed?

Want simple but stable returns from the market?

Or do you want someone else trade for you?

Day Trader AH investment plan is for you.

We here are offering you upto 10% monthly return on your capital of minimum ₹1,00,000/-.

Your capital will be safe with us.

What we charge?

We charge 20% of your capital at the time of ending the tenure.

Minimum Tenure - 3 month’s

Maximum Tenure - 12 month's

Let’s do some math-

Consider you paid ₹1,00,000/-

What you get - up to 10% of 1,00,000/- 

That’s ₹10000/- per month for 12 months

That’s ₹1,20,000/- in 12 months on your ₹1,00,000/-.

Now, suppose you end the term you get 80% of your capital back and that is ₹80,000/-

So total what you get is ₹1,20,000 (over a time of 12 months) and ₹80,000 on completion of tenure. Total what you receive is ₹2,00,000/- on investment of ₹1,00,000/-

That’s returns of whooping 100% on your investment in 12 months which is greater than any of the returns offered by any bank or any mutual fund.

What is the risk?

No risk for the investor, entire responsibility of Day Trader AH.

Your capital is safe with us till the tenure gets over.

We do a proper Legal Documentation Process for the same.